How we work

Illustration of how the core team is working together.

LEVERS responds to the need for innovative, open science education by proposing, developing and supporting the formation of Learning Ventures :

  • comprising stakeholders from education (including formal/non-formal); scientific Research and Innovation (R+I); industry, local government, and the community or voluntary sector
  • inclusive multi-stakeholder partnerships for open schooling on climate justice that foster the networking, sharing and applying of science and technology research in lifelong learning settings
  • building on the emerging concept of learning ecosystems (Hecht & Crowley, 2019) and promoting the idea of education as a whole community endeavour. Such systems go beyond the learning that happens in a school setting, and design for holistic and lifelong learning
  • sharing a common purpose and vision for learning, equity, and social change: networks can work at scale to leverage opportunities to realise ambition in ways that may be unattainable for individual organisations
  • promoting the inclusion of diverse viewpoints when tackling major challenges facing European society, such as actionable climate education, science literacy, the uptake of science careers, and the gender gap in science at all levels

To test the proof-of-concept of Learning Ventures, LEVERS experiments with inclusive, innovative, and open approaches to science education through the lens of climate and environmental justice. 

Learning ecosystems, critical pedagogy and lifelong learning.