A true Science Festival took over António Borges Garden on August 11th in a free activity for the whole family. With a super scavenger hunt full of science challenges, both kids and adults were engaged in a grand adventure right in the heart of Ponta Delgada City, São Miguel Island, Azores! From endemic to exotic plants, astronomical observations to the discovery of microorganisms, rocks to insects, bird sounds to bat ultrasounds, this was a summer night full of new discoveries!

The importance of biodiversity protection, the central focus of the Azorean Learning Venture, was the main theme of ExpoLab – Centro Ciência Viva activities. Participants were taught about the importance of wetlands, puddles and ponds for the maintenance of the overall biodiversity of the planet. Through a serious of hands-on experiences, they were invited to collect water samples from a pond located at the garden and identify the species they discovered, understanding the trophic relationships that exists between animals and plants that live in wetlands.

Expolab believes that science education provides opportunities for learners to develop and utilize transformative agency to effect change on local and global environments. Through educational programs, workshops, discussions, field trips, and hands-on experiences, we encourage communities to voice their concerns, share their knowledge, propose solutions, and actively contribute to the development of Portuguese Learning Ventures! By engaging in these activities, participants will contribute to the Learning Ventures’ ambition to rethink local land use, becoming advocates for the preservation of the unique biodiversity of the Azores, and serving as inspiration for other communities.

This event was organized by ExpoLab – Centro Ciência Viva, in collaboration with various regional partners, ensuring a diverse and multidisciplinary set of activities, in partnership with the Ponta Delgada City Council. The Science Festival is part of the national action Ciência Viva no Verão (Ciência Viva in Summer), that promotes every year hundreds of activities, organized by Ciência Viva Centres, scientific institutions, municipalities, companies, and scientific associations. This year, special attention was given to the “Signs of Nature,” with a program dedicated to changes caused by human action on the planet.